Understanding Your Brand, What You Are or What Have You Built

By Warren Dsouza |   | tagged " Feedback Matters "

I started my journey wanting to do great sound, wanting to be the best and my aspirations continue, but in that sound odyssey. I also realized that the road ahead would not be easy. It would come at a price and like the good old saying in Hindi is “Kuch pane ke liye, kuch khona padega”. Now will it all be worth it at the end is something to see. But today I have come to a stage in my life that anything I want to do is for posterity. This will represent the products and services we have to……

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All about Loudspeakers & Amplification

By Warren D'Souza |   | tagged " Feedback Matters "

So what were you guys expecting to hear from me?  Digital Consoles & Plug-Ins, you got to  be kidding. I managed to put my paws on a digital desk after 12 years of kicking the dust and they still do not fascinate me. But what really fascinates me is Loudspeakers and what a misunderstood thing it is. Loudspeakers :The maximum amount of lies told to us about specifications is from loudspeaker manufacturers and we just believe in them for the entire image we have created in our mind about a particular brand. This is also the case with box shops that……

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