About Us

Since its inception, SOUND.COM has evolved from being just a sound rental company to re-defining the idea of delivering an experience of 'great sound'. We are a privately owned, founder-led company and we stand for our reputation and quality of work, with infusion of technology, processes and a professional approach. We are committed to enhancing the sound experience by helping the audience build a palette for perfect sound and enabling an artiste to amplify his/her vision in a concert. We are proud of the clarity, intelligibility and good sound coverage we provide to our audience.


Our People

At SOUND.COM, a young, talented team is driven by a single minded passion for audio sound. We are driven by the fact that sound is one of the most organic of sciences and we understand it better every day. Be it a festival in the arid deserts or on the beaches of Goa, our teams can deliver a great show.

SOUND.COM has been a leader in the field of audio engineering and we are very proud to belong to the Indian subcontinent.