Warren, it was great show, thanks! I know ours is the toughest. That's why we got YOU to handle it. If the sound is great, we can freewheel to a successful outcome ...always!

A.R.Rahman- Maestro, Composer, GRAMMY & Academy Award Winning Musician (at Vadfest, Vadodara, Jan 2015)

The Oman Military Music Festival (Tattoo) 2010 was a great success and would like to take this opportunity to thank SOUND.COM for the excellent work in providing audio system, solutions and co-operation extended to the Wizcraft team.While thanking you once again for your commendable teamwork,we sincerely hope to continue our excellent business relationship with similar events in the future 

Viraf Sarkari- Director, Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt.Ltd.

SOUND.COM has successfully delivered and produced superlative services as a turnkey audio provider for the National Games 2011 in Ranchi, Jharkhand at the Birsa Munda Stadium. They were contracted by our organisation, Cineyug, the official event manager for the event. They not only have the right equipment  but also the best personnel to manage such large scale events in stadiums. SOUND.COM has been a leader in the field for the past 5 years and we can surely say that they are a ceremonies audio specialist. Their deliverables have been excellent - right from planning, to the rehearsals,to the main event. We further recommend them for any such sporting related spectaculars.

Karan Soorma- Vice President, Cineyug Group of Companies

SOUND.COM was contracted by us to manage the entire audio equipment supply & services for the first Indian Super League Opening Ceremony at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata and the Closing Ceremony held at DY Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai. Their deliverables have been exceedingly good and they have ensured ample coverage  and exceelent audio quality across both the stadiums and we have been very satisfied with their services. Futhermore their equipment is cutting edge and sport all the latest tools required to produce games related audio solutions.

We look forward to a future association with them.

Kunain Merchant - AVP, DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt.Ltd.

I have known Warren as an individual for many years and interacted with SOUND.COM in the past few years.They have always proved to be one of the most reliable companies to produce sound for our shows. Everybody has good P.A. systems, but have a good team to man it, is the magic. We have used Warren's services as an individual to engineer our shows, whether its in the Royal Albert Hall in London, or in a ball room in Mumbai. Their communication equipment on site is outstanding and plays a key part in producing a good show.nbsps;

Devraj Sanyal- Managing Director, Universal Music India

Let me put on record that SOUND.COM has been one of the few and most professional sound companies Cineyug Worldwide Entertainment chooses to work with because they are special and so are our events-be it major Bollywood events to critical award functions right to our smallest press conferences. Their team ensures no stone is unturned to deliver a good show and that’s what matters….. The final result. With SOUND.COM they always pass with flying colours, time and again. 

Mohommed Morani-  Director, Cineyug Worldwide Entertainment 

Working with Warren has been a pleasure from the very start. He is a very talented sound technician, extremely professional to work with, and notably, the care and attention he puts into detail in order to get the sound right, are remarkable. After working with him on numerous tours I can say with confidence that he is one of the best soundmen I have come across. Also of note is his company and colleagues, and the professionalism and quality they bring to the Indian sound industry. nbsps;

Anoushka Shankar, World Musician

I must place on record that Fountainheads dealings with SOUND.COM have been wonderful to say the very least. Besides the fact that the deliverables have been of the highest quality, the approach and attitude of your team has been exemplary. We at Fountainhead stay committed to the industry and to your company in our quest toward taking the business to the next level. nbsps;

Brian Tellis- Chairman, Fountainhead Promotions & Events

SOUND.COM, is one of the most professional teams in the sound business in India. They are Sol's preferred sound partner for all our event needs and now for all our Television music show needs. Sound is one area that often gets ignored at the pe-production and production stage, but can cause the maximum stress in post. The good news is with SOUND.COM and their team of engineers, we can now afford to ignore it! nbsps;

Fazila Allana- Director, Sol Production Pvt Ltd

SOUND.COM has always delivered on Showtime Events for productions from all our western region offices, and I must add that our working environment just gets better with the SOUND.COM team on the job. They provide world class deliverables and no matter how complex the event is, provide unsurpassed audio quality and services. Furthermore, I have noticed that they continually upgrade and evolve to keep up with the changing nature of the business, and these qualities reflect in their results. Choosing SOUND.COM is certainly a sound decision. nbsps;

Michael Menezes- Managing Director, Showtime Events 

When I show up at a venue and see Warren I am relieved! As all of you know how important the sound setup is for a successful gig. NEVER, I mean NEVER have i had a problem with either the monitoring or miking or output when i have worked with SOUND.COM. If my sound engineer Ashish Saxena informs me that SOUND.COM is providing the audio for a particular gig, i dont go for a sound check as i am confident that we will kick ass. Lots of Love!

Shankar Mahadevan, Music Director & Singer

SOUND.COM is an extremely professional sound company to work with. I think the combination of using state of the art equipment, constant upgrades to new technology, a knowledgeable, smart and an efficient team makes them an asset to any event / concert. nbsps;

V.G. Jairam- Partner, Oranjuice Entertainment

Over the course of many hundreds of events, Seventy has been a grateful recipient of SOUND.COM's professionalism, good humour and faultless mastery of the complexities of their art. Their approach combines attentiveness to detail with an absolute technical consistency. It has been an attitude that has always included the iron clad belief in maximising the potential of every performance that we, as premium event managers, find essential in our preferred partners. nbsps;

Martin da Costa- CEO, Seventy EMG

Working with SOUND.COM has been a fantastic journey and ever since they took on the reigns of providing audio equipment for our concerts & awards functions, we finally figured that this is one company that I can safely say can run our show audio-wise on auto pilot. They have everything you need in audio solutions and you can tell by the way they ‘sound’ that they definitely have the best equipment in the country and more importantly they have an impeccable team of people that you can trust. We work with conviction & deliverables no other formula spells SOUND.COM better.

Juspreet Singh Walia- Director, G.S Entertainment

I and the team at Encompass have had the pleasure of working with Warren and the team at SOUND.COM and have found them professional, pleasant and pleasurable to work with. If there is one company at the cutting edge of professional sound it is SOUND.COM. From Awards nights to concerts and corporate conferences if you are looking for a sound partner then SOUND.COM is a sound name to invest in. nbsps;

Roshan Abbas-  Managing Director, Encompass Events 

In my experience, Warren D'souza and SOUND.COM provide the best sound engineering service in India at the moment. My company has worked with them for many years now and they always go out of their way to ensure that you are happy with the service and see if there are ways to enhance individual aspects particular to each production. We at TEAM RUSTIC never look anywhere else for our sound needs and we are always sure to hear each and every word / note that our clients performers produce. Apart from his expertise, his team members of the likes of Gilroy and Sunil professionalism and work ethics give us no hesitation in recommending Sound.com again and again. As director of our company, I can add that the sound produced by the individuals, clients and /or artistes in a production is only as good as the sound engineer that mixes it. Sound.com always showcase everything coming from the stage. I highly recommend Sound.com for any sound design and operation project. 

Vinod Janardhan- Director, Team Rustic

For Pentagram, having Warren and SOUND.COM on our side, is half the battle won! Our regular Sound Engineer, Fali Damania is a part of their permanent crew, and we have come to depend on these guys to bring the noise!! Together we've rocked all kinds of audiences from clubs and college campuses, to large arenas. Looking forward to much more madness, and many more great sounding gigs!

Vishal Dadlani, Pentagram / Vishal Shekhar

Warren's SOUND.COM has been able to consistently meet with our exacting standards, silently over the past few years... and now at India's first Hard Rock Cafe, mixing live acts twice a week. nbsps;

Kaveer Shahani- Founder & CEO, Groove Temple Entertainment

I have been gigging for the past 25 years now and one name that is synonymous with providing audio services for my significant concerts is SOUND.COM. Warren & his team always deliver, be it international jazz festivals or high voltage fusion concerts they provide us with impeccable audio quality. I am always comfortable on stage when SOUND.COM is providing the sound. Services you can depend upon, people you can trust……enough said! nbsps;

Louis Banks, Composer / Pianist and Music Producer

I very strongly recommend the audio company SOUND.COM not just for their professionalism but also for their state of the art gear which is updated regularly and their sense to have the right gear for the right music and venue. To get the ideal sound for a musician is of prime importance and I personally am at peace whenever I hear that we have SOUND.COM handling the performance.Hope they keep up this great standard for a long time.God Bless! nbsps;

Niladri Kumar, Sitar Player

It's a completely stress-free event technically, every time any of our artistes are performing with SOUND.COM's team. Every team member is on top of his job and is ever smiling & helpful. Sunil Karanjikar is the best sound engineer to work with - both technically & temperamentally. Not only our Indian artistes such as Sivamani, Neha Bhasin, Louiz Banks but also our legendary Swedish fusion band MYNTA are most impressed with Sound.com's consistency of performance, thus making them our preferred technical partner !"nbsps;

Manish Savant- Director Brand Management,  AMG (Artiste Management Group)

SOUND.COM is the best we’ve worked with, through the years and Warren has brought in the finest gear and delivered superlative sound for all the show’s we’ve done right from MTV's Sessions to our Music & Marketing forums. We totally trust his experience and his work. He’s a great person to work with & his team is simply unsurpassed. nbsps;

Anurag Rao- CEO & Founder, Canvas Talent

Warren, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for all your support and assistance in delivering successful Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. Without your assistance and cooperation, we could not have accomplished this event successfully. nbsps;

Shovana Narayan- Special DG Ceremonies & Culture,  Organizing Committee Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi

To Warren and the boys @ Sound.com, Thank you for a wonderful Job. The production was amazing. V.professional. nbsps;

Angela Hagenbach, Amazon Records

Warren, I just want to say it was a pleasure meeting you and the sound you produced for Ravi Shanker in the MFC was stunning. 

Emily Hakaraia- HOD Sound, New Zealand International Arts Festival

All i want to say is with 20 tops on the delay stacks, people in Secundrabad (forget Hyderabad ) also heard the show !!! team jaws will always remember the commitment shown by SOUND.COM towards the event. well done guys nbsps;

Jehan Sataravala- CEO, Jaws Events

Dear Sound.com. I just had to write to you all to say sincere thanks for a brilliant sound set up at Sunburn this year! You guys definitely pushed the boat out on this event! The sound was tight for most of the festival, and it certainly was a pleasure to DJ on the stage knowing how sonically powerful the sound was! Have a great 2010, and I hope to play on one of your fantastic installations again. Warm Regards. nbsps;

Ma Faiza, Perfoming DJ at Sunburn 2009

Dear Warren, Back home in Mumbai we are overwhelmed by what was made possible in Chakan, Pune for the launch of the Volkswagen Factory, Without the help and support of you and your team, we couldn't have realized our aims. This event also made it possible for us to find supporting partners and friends. It was proven once more, that with team spirit and motivation even the most challenging projects can be carried out to success. Thank you, once again, one and all, for being a part of the planning and execution of this projectnbsps;

Aman Anand- National HeadOperations and Special Events, G2 Rams India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

Dear Warren, I'd like to thank you for the excellent support & professionalism displayed by you'll at SOUND.COM for our America & Scorpions Shows. The equipment & sound quality was pristine and both the Sound Engineers, Band and Crew were really appreciative of the entire experience.! Great going and keep Rocking.

Farhad Wadia- CEO, E-18 Mumbai

The site looks great, and all the sound equipment is working, in fact the sound is amazingly good, with huge JBL rigs that sounded ultrasweet. nbsps;

Mixmaster Morris At The Big Chill Goa

MASSIVE kudos to the organizers for not skimping on anything, especially the sound, lights and visuals setup... SOUND.COM (Warren and crew) did a super job in all 3 areas. 

Nikhil Chinapa At The Big Chill Goa

A fat bass shaking dub-induced reggae set by mad professor put the JBL sound rig to the test and it passed with flying colours sounding ultrasweet.

Ma Faiza-Electronic Editor, RAVE Article about The Big Chill Goa

Fali my dear, congratulations ! I had the chance to work with you at the Big Chill in Goa where I was performing and I was very impressed ! I thought that the whole sound installation was one of the best ones I have seen and heard in years, in India or the UK or anywhere else. When all of us artists came back to the UK, the Big Chill asked us for our feedback, and one of the points I made was that the general overall sound in Goa was much better than the sound of the Big Chill in England !! So yes, congratulations to you, I am one of your fans indeed! Please stay in touch and good luck with everything !nbsps;

Laura B, French Solo Artist about the Big Chill Goa

It was a great pleasure working with you and your team on the HSBC Consumer Finance MP 10K Event in Goa. We Thank you for your support and co-operation extended, helping us make the event a grand success. We look forward to working with you again. 

Emran Khan- Manager, Production-Percept D'Mark (India) Pvt Ltd

Dear Warren, Spectacular! A word that's making rounds in the industry to describe 'The Stardust Awards 2006'. Your valuable contribution and expertise towards the show made it rise to a level that is definately hard to beat. It was a great experience working together on the same wave length and putting together a good show that spelt class and finesse. We are definately looking forward to making a differnce with your support and co-operation in the future nbsps;

Omung Kumar, Opus Planet Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Dear Mr. Dsouza, I personally want to thank you for your contribution during the visit of Jazz Ambassadors in May 2000 to Mumbai. The performances by the Jazz musicians were very well received and appreciated, and this was due in no small part to your assistance with the sound system during the concerts. I am enormously proud of your outstanding performance and look forward to working with you in future. nbsps;

Sheldon E. Austin, Director, Consulate General of the United States of America, Mumbai

We were very impressed with the sound company, who were very accomodating.

Phil Aldridge- Band Leader, Illegal Eagles on the Illegal Eagles Concert held at Mumbai

Dear Mr. Dsouza, We at PDM, would like to thank you & your team for the effort and support you gave us for the Percept 25 Year's Celebration held at Grand Hyatt, Santacruz East, Mumbai on 18th July 2009. Your commendable effort and personal involvement in the execution of the event, without any benefits given from our end, was truly appreciated. We sincerely thank you for your tremendous support and co-operation extended, helping us make the event a grand success. nbsps;

Manuj Agarwal- COO, Percept D'Mark, Mumbai

Even though this was the first time that we worked with Warren and his team I cannot express how tremendous their work was. With 12 lapels, 3 foot mics and a half dozen cordless mics floating across my stage – our scope of error was nonexistent and SOUND.COM did not disappoint.” nbsps;

Sunil Pundir- DGM Operations, TIC Event Marketing