This 18" ZHT China from Zildjian gives you the abrasive and cutting sound you'd expect from a quality trash cymbal for a price any drummer can appreciate. With its small bell and 16" diameter, you'll get plenty of cutting volume out of this special effects cymbal - more than enough to keep up with any typical rock kit. On the flip side, the 18" ZHT China is a bit brighter and thinner than many similar China cymbals, making it responsive enough for the more subtle stick techniques you need if you play jazz. And for the money, you just can't boat the Zildjian 18" ZHT China cymbal.


  • A fun and expressive effects cymbal with an abrasive, cutting, and trashy sound
  • Small bell and 16" diameter provide short sustain and a brighter-than-average tone
  • Thin weight and medium-high profile produce a ton of volume matched with dynamic response
  • Loud enough for rock yet subtle enough for jazz
  • An ideal China "trash" cymbal for drummers of any skill level and modest budgets