The DX7 has a 32-Voice internal memory, while external cartridges can be plugged in to provide an additional 64 Voices, making a total of 96 Voices available to the performer for quick selection.


  • Keyboard:61 keys (C1 ~ C6)
  • Sound Source:FM Tone Generator (6 operators, 32 algorithms)
  • Simultaneous Output Notes:Poly Mode - 16 notes, Mono Mode - 1 note
  • Internal RAM Memory:32 Bank (32 Memory)
  • External ROM Memory:32 Bank x 2 (64 memory)
  • External RAM Memory:32 Bank (32 Memory)
  • Mode Selectors:Store, Memory Protect (Internal, Cartridge), Operator Select, Edit/Compare, Play-Memory Select (Internal, Cartridge), Function
  • Controls:Volume, Data Entry [lever, switch: Yes (On)/No (off)], Pitch Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Operator On-Off, EG Copy