The Whirlwind Concert Series mic splitting systems include the most requested options for splitter boxes and panels for concert audio.
Each system is housed in either a heavy-duty steel stage box or an EIA 19" rack panel with back box enclosure. Our Whirlwind MASS Series Multipin connectors speed set-up and tear-down.
Microphone inputs are wired directly to one multipin (Main Out) and paralleled or wired through Whirlwind TRSP-1F transformers to a second multipin (Split Out). Each microphone input has a ground-lift switch on the Split Out, and return lines are hardwired to both multipins.
Cables and fanouts to connect the system may be selected from Whirlwind's Multiline Cable Assemblies and FM Series fanouts.


  • Three-way split with super premium Lundahl transformers standard.
  • Ground lifts on all 56 inputs.
  • Separate panel for outputs with two extra XLRs for tie lines on channels 57 & 58. The 4 ft. umbilicals connecting it to the input panel allow for various mounting options: above, below or behind.
  • W4 replaceable pin MASS connectors on hinged angle mounts with color-coded mounting plates.