Why risk damaging your cymbals? SKB's CV24W Rolling Cymbal Vault gives you the convenience of rolling wheels, and its
rugged linear-low-density polyethylene shell provides the protection of your precious cymbals deserve. A sturdy welded
center post and ample storage space allows the CV24W to hold up to seven cymbals at once - up to 24" ride cymbals! There's
even a handy internal storage pocket. A molded-in ergonomic carrying handle and in-line skate wheels make transport
painless, and the SKB CV24W even stacks with other Roto-X drum cases.

Features :-

A safe and convenient way to transport your cymbals
Large enough to hold 24" rides with storage enough to hold up to 7 cymbals
Large internal storage pocket
Four cymbal pads keep cymbals from rubbing together
Molded-in ergonomic handle for easy carrying
In-line skate style wheels and extra-strong pull out handle make transportation even easier
Sturdy, high-tension slide release buckle with heavy-duty web straps for easy closure
SKB standard X pattern allows for stacking with Roto-X drum cases