Neckband Microphone With Permanently Polarised Subminiature Condenser CapsuleThe Shure Beta 53 is a comfortable neckband microphone with a permanently polarised subminiature condenser capsule and omnidirectional characteristics that combine minimal visibility with excellent playback quality. The extremely light, adjustable wire hanger allows comfortable and fatigue-free wearing for hours. The microphone capsule can optionally be adjusted to the left or right in the immediate vicinity of the mouth so that, despite the omnidirectional characteristics, secondary noises and feedbacks are minimised. Its large transmission range and low sensitivity at high sound pressure make it the preferred microphone for professional theater performances, seminars or other events. The Beta 53 is used wherever the highest demands are placed on the sound quality, but the technology should remain as invisible as possible.

Features :-

  1. Omnidirectional characteristics.
  2. Comfortable, latex-free Dynaflex® ear hooks sit invisibly behind the ears.
  3. Thin, non-reflective wire hanger.
  4. Ultra-thin, detachable microphone arm for right or left-sided wearing.
  5. Two exchangeable equalising capsules for adjusting the frequency response in the high range from soft to present.
  6. Two foam windshield caps against wind and breathing noises.
  7. Reversing clip for cable protection.
  8. Corrosion resistant.
  9. Easy to clean.
  10. Robust carrying case for transport and storage
  11. Approx. 200 cm connection cable
  12. 4-Pin TGQ female connector for direct connection to wireless systems
  13. Transmission range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  14. Noise sensitivity: -54 dBV / Pa (2 mV)
  15. Maximum sound pressure (1 kO load, 1% distortion factor): 147 dB SPL
  16. Noise (equivalent sound pressure): 39 dB (A)
  17. Weight: 35 g
  18. Skin colour