Shure's first entry into personal monitoring, the PSM 600 continues to be recognized as the industry standard for full-featured wired and wireless In-Ear systems. Rugged and reliable, they deliver superb sound for all professional broadcast, recording, touring and installed sound applications.

The PSM 600 features crystal-controlled analog operation for superior sound quality. It delivers a full frequency range and great stereo separation. Even the deepest bass notes come through loud and clear.

Shure P6R Features:

  • The PSM 600's P6R is a Wireless Bodypack Reciever that features a rugged metal chassis and operating controls including: Operating mode (Stereo, Mono, MixMode
  • Volume knob
  • Balance knob
  • Defeatable limiter
  • High frequency boost
  • -15 dB pad
  • Frequencies: 626.475MHz and 632.550MHz