Equipped with Shure's Beta 58 mic capsule, the Axient AD2 handheld transmitter delivers world-class sound and maximum reliability — even in the most congested wireless environments. Two operation modes optimize performance for any application: Standard mode provides maximum coverage, while High Density mode allows for greatly enhanced channel counts. Axient AD2 handheld transmitters can be powered with AA batteries or with Shure's SB900A rechargeable battery for up to 9.5 hours of performance. You can count on the Shure Axient AD2 handheld transmitter in the most mission-critical applications.

  • Shure Axient AD2 Handheld Transmitter Features:
  1. Handheld microphone transmitter for Shure Axient digital wireless systems
  2. Beta 58 dynamic mic capsule with supercardioid polar pattern
  3. High charge capacity with either intelligent lithium-ion or AA batteries
  4. External contacts allow for docked charging
  5. Frequency Diversity for unparalleled reliability: two identical signals transmit on independent frequencies, one takes over if the other degrades
  6. Amazing signal stability thanks to next-gen digital radio technology with a high-performance modulation scheme
  7. Wireless Workbench software offers robust control and advanced RF and Timeline plotting, frequency coordination, and live monitoring
  8. ShurePlus Channels app offers convenient mobile monitoring and control for iOS devices