The brand new JCM2000 Triple Super Lead [TSL] series takes the critically acclaimed circuitry of the JCM2000 Dual Super Lead [DSL] range and then goes one step further. By giving you 3 independent channels and many innovative features, the all-valve TSL range puts an unheard of degree of control, flexibility and, most importantly, TONE at your finger tips. From crystal clean to the mightiest Marshall roar, the TSL does it all. The JCM2000 Triple Super Lead has been hailed by players and critics alike as "the best Marshall ever made."


  • All valve powered. [4x Svetlana EL34 power valves]
  • 3 independent channels for Clean, Crunch, and Lead
  • Mid Boost Switch for tonal options on the Clean channel plus Tone Shift on the Crunch and Lead channels
  • Unique Marshall Deep Switch on the Clean and Crunch/Lead channels adds extra low end resonance when selected
  • Separate Reverb for Clean and Crunch/Lead channels
  • Virtual Power Reduction [VPR] gives the extra saturation of a lower powered valve amp being driven hard
  • Power Amp Mute switch for silent recording
  • Separate FX Loops with front panel Mix controls and level selection for the Clean and Crunch/Lead channels
  • D.I. XLR Output with acclaimed Marshall Speaker Emulation
  • 5-way foot controller for switching channels, Reverb and FX Loop on/off