This tried-and-true classic has set the standard for back-line bass amplification for two decades. Versatile and powerful, it drives multiple cabinets with ease. Its bi-amped power and custom voicing filters make it exceptionally controllable. It is light, rack mountable, tonally versatile, and delivers a bass sound that is warm, clean, and strong. Today it still tops the list of amplifiers that pro players, touring bands, and back-line companies rely on for the big gigs.


  • POWER: Low-300W@4ohm, 200W@8ohm, 1kHz -- High-100W@8ohm, 1kHz
  • COOLING: Convection
  • INPUT SECTION: 1/4" jack, -10dB Pad and Volume
  • VOICING FILTERS: Low Cut, Contour and High Boost Switches
  • EQUALIZER: Four Band Active
  • OUTPUT: Footswitchable Boost, Switchable Cross-Over and High and Low Masters
  • PATCHING: Send and Return
  • SPEAKER OUTPUT: Two 1/4" jacks for 300W Amp and One 1/4" jack for 100W Amp

Artists (International)

  • Martin Motnik
  • Keelan Jones

Artists (India)