• Two direct symmetric XLR inputs (no special cable required)
  • Much better sound than wireless in ear systems
  • Switch-over from stereo to mono-mix mode
  • 2 x 40mW power with limiter
  • Control for volume and pan/mix
  • Sturdy aluminium case, holder of stainless steel
  • Mains connector (lockable) for plugging in an external DC mains adapter (optional extra)
  • Power supply with 9V block battery.
  • Hours of operation with alkaline battery approx. 12h, with rechargeable battery approx. 8h.


  • Dimensions L x W x H (in mm): 127 x 82 x 30
  • Weight: 290 g
  • Input connectors: 2 x Neutrik XLR jack 3-pole, with interlock
  • Earphone connector: 1/8" mini connector
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz - 20 KHz +/- 2 dB
  • Minimum impedance of earphones: 12 ohms per side
  • Input impedance: 15kohms
  • Nom. input level: 0dB - +4dB (limiter at +5dB)
  • Nom. input level symetric: 0 dBV
  • Max. Einput level symmetric: +4 dBV
  • Limit input level symmetric: +5 dBV
  • Max output power at 20 ohms: 40 mW per channel
  • Max. operating current: 40 mA
  • Power supply: 9V block alkaline battery or 8.4V rechargeable battery NiMH
  • DC-input plug: ext. input power DC 9V (pin +, ring -)
  • Operating time of battery: approx. 8h with 270mAh rechargeable battery, approx. 12h with alkaline battery (depends on headphones volume)