The Dolby® Lake® Processor marks the next generation in digital loudspeaker control and equalization technology. With unsurpassed audio quality and the most advanced loudspeaker processing available, it will instantly improve the sound of any system. Effortless control is provided through wireless tablet software or the new, patent-pending, front-panel Portal metering and control interface.
The basic platform offers complete, native-digital signal processing functionality, with support for up to four-in by twelve-out for loudspeaker applications and eight-in by eight-out for EQ applications. The signal processing can also be changed to provide an EQ four-by-four together with a loudspeaker two-by-six configuration.
The Lake Processor includes several advanced technologies for improving sound quality. These include Raised Cosine Equalization (the foundation underlying the revolutionary Ideal Graphic EQ™ and Lake Mesa EQ interfaces), plus linear phase crossovers, LimiterMax™ loudspeaker protection, and Iso-Float Ground Isolation.
Four slots provide additional configurability, for adding analog I/O and other capabilities via expansion cards. We offer the Lake Processor in five preconfigured versions. Converter cards can be easily added at any time, in the shop or in the field, to meet changing needs.

Dolby Lake Processor LP8D8 

The top-of-the-line for Lake Mesa EQ processing, the LP8D8 provides eight channels of analog inputs and outputs. This fully configured processor offers the ultimate surround sound loudspeaker management solution.