The SD Ten includes many of our flagship SD7's features and benefits, including Stealth Digital Processing and floating-point Super FPGA technology, and provides a fully-loaded feature set that will cater to any front-of-house or monitor engineer's needs. 
SD Ten features three banks of 12 motorised faders and one master fader, each of which benefits from its own high resolution LED bar graph meter. In the centre of the worksurface sits the familiar 15-inch backlit colour-keyed TFT touch screen, home of the console's super-intuitive control interface.
The SD Ten boasts 96 processing channels (12 of these are Flexi Channels, configurable as either mono or stereo) at 48kHz/96kHz, which is the equivalent of 108 channels of full DSP processing.


  • Faders 37 x 100mm Touch-Sensitive, Motorised (25 on SD10T-24)
  • Screens 1 x 15” (38cm) LCD High - Resolution Touch Screen
  • Meters 38 x 20-Segment LED Bargraph (26 on SD10T-24)
  • Input Channels 96 Channels, 12 Flexi
  • Busses 48 Mono or Stereo Busses + LR or LCR Master
  • Solo Busses 2 Stereo Busses
  • Matrix 16 x 16 Matrix (Additional to Busses Above)
  • Control Groups 24, Selectable for VCA-style, Moving Fader, Mute Group
  • Graphic EQ 24 x 32-band, Gain +/- 12dB
  • Internal FX 16 Stereo FX Processors
  • Local I/O 8 x Mic/Line I/O, 8 x AES/EBU  I/O (Mono)
  • MADI Interface 2 Redundant Interfaces, 75 Ohm BNC Connectivity
  • Optic Interface Optocore (Optional Factory Fit Only)
  • MIDI Interface In / Out / Thru
  • VGA Port DB-15 Mini-Female (1024 x 768 Resolution)
  • USB Ports (3) USB 2
  • Light Connection (2) XLR3 1.2 – 12V
  • Ext Sync Word Clock, AES, MADI, Optics
  • Headphone TRS Unbalanced / 8-600 Ohms 1/4 Inch Jack
  • SD10 Dimensions 1398mm (w) x 818mm (d) x 285mm (h)
  • SD10 Weight 60Kg/132lbs (175Kg/385.80lbs with Optional Flightcase)
  • SD10 Flightcase  1586mm (w) x 1158mm (h) x 504mm (d) Weight 115Kg/253.53lbs (Optional) 
  • SD10 Power Requirements 90-264 VAC, 47-63Hz Auto Sensing.235 watts
  • Audio Specification
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz, 44.1kHz or 96kHz
  • Processing Delay: 2ms Typical @ 48k(60 Stereo Channels, Stage Input Through L-R Buss to Stage Output) 1.1ms @96k
  • Internal Processing: Up to 40-bit, Floating Point
  • A>D & D>A: 24-bit Converter Bit Depth
  • Frequency Response: +/- 0.6dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
  • THD: <0.05% @ Unity Gain,: 10dB Input @ 1kHz
  • Channel Seperation: Better Than 90dB: (40Hz – 15kHz)
  • Residual Output: <90dBu Typical
  • Noise: (20Hz - 20kHz)
  • Microphone Input: Better Than -126dB: Equivalent Noise
  • Maximum Output Level: +22dBu
  • Maximum Input Level: +22dBu