The KB-211 remote speaker station permits the user to select between two channels of party-line communications, with the ability to talk and/or listen on the selected channel. The user can listen via the integral speaker, or may use a headset or telephone-style handset – and can talk via a headset mic, a telephone handset, or a push-to-talk microphone.

The KB-211GM adds a gooseneck-mic connector and VOX circuitry, for hands-free full-duplex communications without a headset. A switch allows the user to choose between the optional GM-9 or GM-18 microphone and the headset connector. The adjustable-sensitivity, close-in VOX feature automatically detects the user’s voice at the mic and dips the level of the integral speaker while increasing the gain of the microphone, performing in the opposite manner when listening. The potential for acoustic feedback is minimized while permitting natural conversation levels and dynamics.