Designed to handle even the largest live productions with ease, the D-Show System offers studio-quality sound, powerful performance, and the most scalability in the Avid live sound line. The system is based around the large-format D-Show console and employs the FOH Rack and Stage Rack components for processing and I/O.


  • Achieve studio-quality sound, with optimal clarity and smoothness, in live sound environments thanks to studio-grade mic preamps, pristine digital audio conversion, and high-quality processing.
  • The live environment is unpredictable. That’s why all Avid live sound systems are built to withstand the rigors of the road and designed to circumvent potential hazards for total peace of mind.
  • From a scalable console that offers familiar functionality, to easy-to-use VENUE software, which gives you full control of the system, you gain great efficiency so you can spend more time focusing on your mix.
  • Whether you need more power, I/O, or faders, or want to integrate personal monitoring and/or Pro Tools recording, there’s an option to meet your needs.
  • With all Avid live sound systems, recording artists can experience the same sound that inspired them in the studio on stage, thanks to direct Pro Tools plug-in support.
  • Get the most streamlined, economical approach to integrating Pro Tools recording and playback into your live environment with an option card—no additional interfaces required.
  • Fine-tune mixes based on previous live recordings. With Pro Tools and Virtual Soundcheck, you can EQ the room, set up snapshots, and more—without the band.
  • Because all Avid live sound systems operate on the same VENUE software platform, you only need to learn the software once to mix on any other VENUE-based system.
  • Never rebuild show files or chart settings again when you change systems. With VENUE software, you can copy show files to a USB key for use on any Avid live sound system.